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SARA – Socially Aware Robot Assistant

Socially Aware Robot Assistant SARA is a Socially-Aware Robot Assistant that interacts with people in a whole new way, personalizing the interaction and improving task performance by relying on information about the relationship between the human user and virtual assistant. Rather than taking the place of people, Sara is programmed […]


Expressive Opinion Generation

Automatic Expressive Opinion Generation SCHEMA can speak representative opinions eloquently described, which are associated with current topics. All sentences that SCHEMA is talking about were automatically abstracted and generated from the Web. Based on conversational contexts, SCHEMA can switch several algorithms, including “Standard order”, “Short length first order” and “Diverse […]


Facilitation Strategies

Engagement Density Control We present a framework for facilitation robots that regulates imbalanced engagement density in four-participant conversation as the forth participant with proper procedures for obtaining initiatives. Four is the special number in multiparty conversations. The three-participant conversation is the minimum unit where the participants autonomously organize a multiparty […]



Concept As a robotic platform for multiparty conversation facilitation, we present the design of SCHEMA robot. In order to participate in multiparty conversational situations, and be recognized as a ratified participant, a robot needs to have capabilities to exchange conversational protocols, which include organizing participation structure, transmitting messages, and turn-taking. […]

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Journey Towards Ph.D 2006 – 2015 From acknowledgement of the dissertation 2015 It was 2005 in Los Angeles, where professor Tetsunori Kobayashi and I met for almost the first time. We were in a party hall for a reception of SIGGRAPH, an international conference on computer graphics and interactive technologies, […]