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SARA – Socially Aware Robot Assistant

Socially Aware Robot Assistant SARA is a Socially-Aware Robot Assistant that interacts with people in a whole new way, personalizing the interaction and improving task performance by relying on information about the relationship between the human user and virtual assistant. Rather than taking the place of people, Sara is programmed […]



The Nature of Human Conversations Understanding the Nature Through Observation and Synthesis Conversation is a core natural function of human beings, which¬†allow us to interact with others and organize societies. The recent advancement of social neuroscience indicates that human brain is mostly optimized for social activities (Gazzaniga, 1985; Brothers et […]

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Starting Point

Journey Towards Ph.D 2006 – 2015 From acknowledgement of the dissertation 2015 It was 2005 in Los Angeles, where professor Tetsunori Kobayashi and I met for almost the first time. We were in a party hall for a reception of SIGGRAPH, an international conference on computer graphics and interactive technologies, […]