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InteLLA – Intelligent Language Learning Assistant

Intelligent Language Learning Assistant (InteLLA) employs dialogue system technology to adaptively change conversational strategies according to the language learner’s abilities and understanding, eliciting appropriate speech samples and effectively assessing the learner’s language proficiency. Adaptive Interview Strategy InteLLA was developed to maximize language competency and the effective assessment of language proficiency by tailoring conversations to the language learner’s skills and comprehension. Users can begin a conversation with InteLLA through simple means […]


BLENDi – Blended Dialog for XR Museum Guide

With the upcoming arrival of Society 5.0, a vast quantity of data will be accumulated in cyberspace through ubiquitous IoT devices and high-speed networks. A smart space guide is the key to organizing and effectively communicating the results of this raw data to humans. Such AI must have collaborative and relationship-building strategies to properly pick up on a visitor’s interests, curiosities and objectives, and realize personalized guidance through conversational interactions. […]


“Development of AI-based Online Language Learning Assistant System that Grows with Humans” Project Selected for $4M NEDO Grant.

On July 21, 2020, a research group led by Dr. Yoichi Matsuyama, Associate Research Professor at the Perceptual Computing Laboratory (Professor Tetsunori Kobayashi, Director; of the Green Computing System (GCS) Research Organization at Waseda University, was selected for the “Technology Development Project for Next-Generation Artificial Intelligence Evolving with People” grant offered by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO; Research Project The title of the project […]


Internship Program 2019 Spring

2019 Spring Internship Program: A Spoken Dialogue System Enabling Various Intention Levels of Information Seeking Behaviors Term: February – May 2019 (the schedule is negotiable) Place: Perceptual Computing Laboratory, Waseda University, Tokyo Background The Perceptual Computing Laboratory at Waseda University is seeking several spring research interns starting from February 2019 (the schedule is negotiable), who will work on an incremental and adaptive spoken dialogue system enabling a whole new way of […]

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Conversation as Media

My long-term research mission is “Designing Socially Expressive Conversational AI Media to Assist and Entertain Human Lives.” As an independent researcher, I scientifically investigate the nature of human conversations by designing the conversational AI media that has actual impacts on the societies of this century. This post describes the theoretical framework of the design process. Theoretical Framework of the Research Program Conversation requires various ways of information process than other […]