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Internship Program 2019 Spring

2019 Spring Internship Program: A Spoken Dialogue System Enabling Various Intention Levels of Information Seeking Behaviors Term: February – May 2019 (the schedule is negotiable) Place: Perceptual Computing Laboratory, Waseda University, Tokyo Background The Perceptual Computing Laboratory at Waseda University is seeking several spring research interns starting from February 2019 (the schedule is negotiable), who will work on an incremental and adaptive spoken dialogue system enabling a whole new way of […]

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Conversation as Media

My long-term research mission is “Designing Socially Expressive Conversational AI Media to Assist and Entertain Human Lives.” As an independent researcher, I scientifically investigate the nature of human conversations by designing the conversational AI media that has actual impacts on the societies of this century. This post describes the theoretical framework of the design process. Theoretical Framework of the Research Program Conversation requires various ways of information process than other […]


ASTRO – Artificial Socio-Task Assistant Robot

Needs of Mixing Voice and Touch Inputs Voice user interface is now common, however, it’s not always the best way to achieve certain tasks. Users sometimes may want to take their initiative to explore information themselves through their preferable moderates. In this project, we explore mixed-initiative user experiences where a user collaborates with a conversational AI agent on a large touchscreen. In this project, we design a conversational user interface […]


HARP – Holographic Archive of Research Projects

In collaboration with Zhen Bai (Assistant Professor, University of Rochester) and John Choi (CEO, Choitek) Holographic Archive of Research Projects @ Carnegie Mellon University (HARP@CMU) is a digital library of several hundred past research projects from all schools and disciplines, guided by a socially-aware humanoid virtual agent, displayed on a large custom 360 holographic display, where students, faculty, and guests can explore the rich history of interdisciplinary academic research conducted […]


Conversations with Evolving Robotic Species – Interview with Hiroshi Ishiguro

It was an honor to host Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro (Osaka University) and Professor Tatsuya Kawahara (Kyoto University) and their masterpiece Geminoid HI-5 as our research group’s guest speakers. Below is a special interview with Hiroshi Ishiguro, a principal investigator of the ISHIGURO Symbiotic Human-Robot Interaction Project, funded by ERATO. [日本語の記事はこちら]  Possibility of Making Android Movies   Matsuyama: You said you had a plan to make a movie? Ishiguro: Well, […]