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InMind Player Portraits

In 2014, Yahoo! and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) have announced a five-year, $10 million partnership, called the┬áInMind project. The goal of the InMind is to invent, implement, experiment, and iterate with an intelligent assistant for mobile devices. Major companies are already exploring intelligent assistants such as Siri, and Google Now, M, and Cortana, and we expect they will continue to develop these. To make an impact as a university, our […]

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Decoding Abyssinian Cat Behaviors

Human-Cat Interactions Abyssinian behaviors are being decoded. What if we could understand a cat’s mind? The Johnny Times explores the mysteries of cat behaviors that have amused and enriched human lives since ancient times. Through the journey with Johnny, our Abyssinian cat, we translate his ways of experiencing the world by our own narrative style. You can peek into the kingdom of Johnny and a little bit of the inside […]