Human-Cat Interactions

Abyssinian behaviors are being decoded. What if we could understand a cat’s mind? The Johnny Times explores the mysteries of cat behaviors that have amused and enriched human lives since ancient times. Through the journey with Johnny, our Abyssinian cat, we translate his ways of experiencing the world by our own narrative style.

You can peek into the kingdom of Johnny and a little bit of the inside of his head. This is mainly a journal about Johnny’s daily life, the thoughts and confessions on his grand journey, called LIFE.

Photo © Yoichi Matsuyama

Award and Exhibition

  • The Cat Show photography exhibition at PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (April, 2016)
    • “A Moment”
    • “Midnight Crawler”



Photo © Yoichi Matsuyama
Photo © Yoichi Matsuyama
Photo © Yoichi Matsuyama

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