Algorithm of Japanese Family Crest Patterns


Monsho Uwaeshi (紋章上繪師), the Japanese family crest artisans’ traditional and innovative works. Unique design ideology, process, and expanding possibilities for the future. Their “Mon-Mandala (紋曼陀羅)” – cosmic proportions of kamons – drawn only by combining the various size of circles is an elegantly sophisticated and beautifully simple design process.


Detailed article : Kamon the Avant-garde: The Patterns of Innovative Japanese Tradition

京源 (Kyo-gen)
紋章上絵師 波戸場承龍・耀次 (Shoryu + Yoji Hatoba)


  • Interview and translation: Hiroko Matsuyama
  • Camera: Michio Asano (AZOTH branch)
  • Director: Yoichi Matsuyama
  • Produce: PATTERNZ.JP

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